Right now I am dressed and ready to go to an event that my friends will be at.  The hardest part about leaving the house is getting the ball rolling-- I stayed home today despite best intentions to do a couple things.  If I stay home, I can make cookies and get some work done... …

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The Mud

I promised ups and downs here, so I guess this is part of it!  Lately, I have been feeling really productive; that fresh feeling you get at the beginning of the school year, with crisp fall leaves and the coffee and optimism to fuel this for what seems like forever... BUT IT'S THE MIDDLE OF …

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“Strike that. Reverse it.”: A Recap

Don't know the last time I posted, probably should have checked prior to writing if I was going to mention it this way... probably will after I write this then leave it as is because I'm stubborn about my truths. I don't know if this will travel sideways, slantways, longways, or backways (wow, already two Wonka references …

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